REPARATION THOUGHTS                     

            ….by His Wounds we are healed                  

 Volume XVII, Number 13





Dear Donnes of Reparation, Family and Friends,     


The month of September is dedicated to honor Angels. Needless to say, I am extremely partial about these holy, invisible beings. This year, EWTN published a book on Angels written by Father John Horgan, STL who has written and spoken extensively on this topic. The Book is titled: “His Angels at Our Side—Understanding their power in our souls and the world”.


In addressing our spiritual formation with the Angels, Father notes five roles that the angels take on in their love and service for the Lord: messengers, stewards, warriors, guardians, and adorers. (Page 253) As messengers they are pure spirits sent from God to communicate His grace, His goodness, and His truth. As stewards, the angels stand over all principles and forms of creation. As warriors, angels defend us against evil and support the plans and purposes of God. Our guardian angel is our faithful companion from conception to death. Every angel adores the Lord from the very depths of his being and leads us to a deeper spirit of adoration. (Excerpts from Chapter Fifteen)


I am forever enamored by the gracious, loving care of God by His gift of Angelic guardianship throughout the entirety of our lives. If one thinks of the process of growing in holiness, which is our journey toward eternity, nothing that we could endure or experience has been left without angelic help to strengthen our journey. They are wise and intelligent beings that guide us to serve the Lord more fully in every aspect of life. We are never alone!


I have had any number of experiences where help has come forth; or timing and inspiration moved me differently than planned; or wherein I was drawn more deeply in my relationship with God. The only explanation that I could give is recognizing angelic protection and guidance. Angels are powerful, loving and wonderful.


We all know that God allows incidences that are difficult or challenging for our personal well-being and growth. We know He is there helping us but in addition, His angels have also been assigned to help. How magnificent is our kind and loving Lord!


When I am tired and weary, they lift me with their strength. When I try to pray, they draw me to my knees. When I seek understanding of God’s truth, they assist in the opening of my intellect. When I am seeking to respect creation, they seem to direct me toward new perspectives. Always at work and prayer and praise are these blessed creatures.


It is often impossible for me to complete the weight and expanse of my daily responsibilities. Somehow, they help me to do what is necessary and appropriate for the hours of any given day. I have come to call it “The Angelic floatation technique”. Blessed be the Name of the Lord both now and forever!


Let us strive to imitate their wonderful qualities. May we pray and praise God more fervently and stand strong in the face of evil. May we be messengers of hope and courage, and loving stewards of God’s creation. Amen.



Mother Mary of the Angels, S.R.                                                                                                                    September 2018  


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