This is Mission

FAITH is our strength!

Reparation is our HOPE!

LOVE of God is our goal!

Born out of a desire to make an impact and a difference in our world, the Sisters of Reparation of the Sacred Wounds of Jesus is led by Christian principles and God's holy will. Since inception, we have maintained a focus providing opportunities for all to grow in faith, hope, and love of God.

Prayerful in spirit and intent, those involved with Sisters of Reparation of the Sacred Wounds of Jesus firmly believe in building the Church Community one person and one day at a time. Effective, lasting, and fruitful lives take time to cultivate. Our Catholic-Christian outreach is here for the long-haul, serving the people of God the best way we can.

This is mission!

In an atmosphere of charity without limitations, encompassing all,the Sisters strive to accomplish their purpose. The mission of serving Jesus, participating in the works of His Redeeming Love, commits them to serving people and assisting them to grow in moral values, family harmony, peace and tranquility of soul. Their focus is directed toward the industrious, well-intended man, woman and child—a great “middle class”, as it were; a sector of society that is often overlooked. Within this group lies a nation’s reservoir of wholesomeness. It is through their contribution that society can be made whole again. The Sisters seek them out to encourage and fortify them in their efforts.

This is mission!

The community strives to spread God’s universal love to all people the rich and the poor; the learned and the simple; the lonely, the forgotten, the least, and the lost. They are all the beloved of Jesus. By His Wounds, they will be healed.

This is mission!

With each gathering in prayer the Sisters are reminded of their call to serve with a willing spirit as they pray and reflect on the Community's motto, which they wear over their hearts:

Voluntarie sacrificabo tibi Domine jubilatio!
I will freely sacrifice unto You, O Lord, with joy! Amen.